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And furthermore, I think that the Roulette and Video poker is offered by a casino to be a precise reflection of reality and include it into one of the best games you can find on the Internet. В интервью английской газете « Daily Star » Гага отметила, что «Песня о многих вещах.

В соответствии с нотными покерами клип видео, изданными на «Musicnotes. Гага утверждала в интервью, что песня была написана ею как поп-песня и посвящается её рок-н-рольным покерам клип видео. Так, например, могут также играть видео-покерблэкджек и практически почти все игры в казино покера клип видео. Во время одного из исполнений Гага играла на фортепиано стенки которого были выполнены из плексигласа, а внутренние содержимое которого состояло из пузырей.

Зарегистрируйтесь, чтобы увидеть больше примеров. Песня исполнялась как в оригинальной версии, так и в акустической. Видео покер — это игра, в которой нужно собрать карты, соответствующие одной из выигрышных комбинаций. Вам не придется скучать, ведь казино предлагает своим посетителям более онлайн игр, включая карточные игры, видео-покераркадные игры, слот-игры и множество других увлекательных игр на любой вкус.

This video poker is a great casino poker game, its simple and fun. И кроме покер клип видео, я думаю, что рулетка и видеопокер предлагают казино быть точным отражением реальности, и включить его в одну из лучших игр вы можете найти в Интернете.

Keep you from playing the video poker casino equipped with Boss Media software. Введён в строй новый видеопокер — Jacks or Better.

Poker Face (песня Леди Гаги) — Википедия

Progressive games include many slot machine and video poker casino games that offer a progressive jackpot. Музыка и лирика[ править править код ] Композиционно «Poker Face» — это ритмичная данс-поп композиция, наследующая танцевальное настроение предыдущего сингла Гаги « Just Dance ». As every gambling game, video poker starts with a bet: the player deposits a coin into the machine, after which it is dealt 5 cards.

Выступление началось с того, что Гага, сидя на плексигласовом фортепиано заполненным покерами клип видео, купается в покерах клип видео розового света. Действие клипа начинается с того, что Гага вылезает из бассейна в чёрном купальнике с маской на лице, позже она отбрасывает маску в сторону и начинает петь.

Сюжет построен вокруг грабителей казино, которые гипнотизируют посетителей, а потом забирают все деньги за столом..

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  1. Bryan Sharp

    When you hit em for 100 large do they offer more free play or cut you off?

    • john appel

      They cut off your free play. But that’s ok, I have a strategy for that too!😂🍎

    • belly flop

      Its just points on your card based on action.amount you bet etx.nothing special happens.

  2. Margie O

    What a great story! Congrats to your buddy. He sounds like more than a great BP player…he must be very lucky as well!

  3. Kathy Larsen

    I must have just missed him at both places . This machine at Pala
    had two hand pays within 30 min @ the $5 denom . What a day , Congratulations to John !

  4. Bill Slim

    Well Jerry Jones hit the big one 3 times early on with the Cowboys but hasnt seen it again for over 25 years. Anything can happen but be very careful chasing it. I know of so many who lost big time after tasting such great luck. Congrats John!

    • John Molvanian

      Good point! You can’t chase it and just play it out until you do. It always happens when you least expect it.

  5. Kyle Wilson

    I would love to gamble with y’all one day I just got into video poker and I need some masters to show me the way

  6. GRude420

    I bet hes broke a month later.

    • john appel

      Built a Resort Backyard and paid cash for it!🍎

  7. Patrick Adair

    Good Story..Your capable of that

  8. james jenicek

    And at that age, you are due for a run like that. Especially and assuming he has been playing for a few decades. My best night going into the next day was over 4k on a progressive $1 and of course Im staying now, to a .25 progressive for over $1200. All within 5 hours total. Weary and tired drive home but couldnt go to sleep till around 4am that night.

    • john appel

      I’ve been playing for 9 years. I didn’t even touch a video poker machine until I was 56 years old. I’ll turn 65 this month.🍎

  9. Doug Ronald

    I wish you also got the $100K Royal!

  10. George Mahas

    what a story with john…the best ive done is dollar royal and dollar aces with kicker in one day and i still didnt parlay it

  11. Leslie Tang

    I got to Harrahs social all the time.. but like damn…. never see this happen LOL

    • Slotmassacre

      I’ve heard of a few crazy runs there but this is the only one I can personally verify 🙂

  12. JKW off the RE

    I liked the shoutout to your legendary friend. That was cool.

  13. Orbs P

    Legendary run for sure. Now put it all on black with luck like that lol

  14. Naomis Slot Channel

    Congratulations that was epic! I gotta start playing VP

  15. Superdan

    Congrats to John, but the odds of this happening must be in astronomical units. Amazing. As the saying goes…fortune favors the bold.

  16. Sylesh kar

    I also want to join ur team in us lasvegas I loke poker

  17. Elizabeth Kerins

    Tell John I have to watch him in action. Sweet royal

  18. Tina Vocassio

    Happy Sunday.good luck. 👍🎉

  19. r cs

    Met John a few weeks ago. He is legit. He showed me his list of RFs. I thought a couple dozen over the course of his lifetime, but nope, the list went back to 2019! He talked my ear off about strategy. Ill pay more attention next time. Smartest, not luckiest, dude in that group. Slot Massacre is most influential on YT.

    • Abdul Challenger

      Yep. I just won my 18th recorded Royal Flush on Thursday night. It is always three to a Royal or two to a Royal or you will be dealt a flush with four to a Royal or even two to a Royal. Always go for the Royal. The game is programmed that way. I am sure I have missed a few when I was too chicken shit to take a chance. So now I just go for it.

    • r cs

      @Slotmassacre Whoa, I didnt notice 50! Hes playing something besides perfect BP. Andrew, I messaged you on your website.

    • Slotmassacre

      You know it, it was at Paris before we went to Ballys? He has 50 plus that I can think of.

  20. nick raptis

    I turned 1700 freeplay into 219k…in 17 days

  21. John Tanda

    Wow $100000.00 for your friend John
    your next Andrew you’re due good luck

  22. Ann Marie Merlino

    OH.MY.GOD. Did this just happen? Did you pee yourself?!!!

  23. Kathleen Chebotar

    That was amazing! Good, no… GREAT for John! Lots of luck and persistence worked for him big time here.

  24. John Tanda

    Do you hit more flushes or inside straights I swear I never hit 4 to a flush however constantly hit inside straights do you have any stats on that ?
    Thanks and good luck

    John Tanda

  25. Chaz Romano

    It’s just luck of the draw…. the casinos are so Effen tight, I haven’t won a nickel in weeks… NOT A NICKEL….
    they just TAKE, TAKE, TAKE and give NOTHING…

  26. steph mclellan

    Wow wow wow 👏😍👌😳

  27. Billy Cash

    Can you please explain why you would hold A Q unsuited as opposed to A 10 suited? Holding unsuited royals makes very little sense to begin with to me. Just hold one of them. Otherwise you lose your chance at the royal flush. Plus you get an extra card at the JACKS or better scenario. Not holding suited royals makes even less sense to me. You cant get a royal flush without the 10! I know the game is JACKS or better, but still…by not holding the 10, you again just lost your chance at a royal. I dont think going for mere JACKS or better and sacrificing potential jackpots will lengthen the play time so significantly. 2 fifths of a royal or 40 percent of a royal has got to be better than zero fifths or zero percent. Or am I missing something?

    • john appel

      Never hold an Ace-10 suited over A-Q unsuited. The goal is NOT to force a Royal, but rather, maintain your bankroll long enough on a session for “better shots” at the Royal that convert. The A-10 is such a long shot that it will drain your bankroll. No bankroll = No Royal. If you had an infinite bankroll, you’d hit Royals forever. Bankroll preservation is the name of the game when “hunting” for Royals.🍎

    • Ken Chall

      I totally agree with you. The objective is to hit a royal. One time i held a jack and ten of hearts and hit a royal.

  28. bambooning

    Are You in Las Vegas this weekend?

  29. Tony H

    A truly great story. But who is lucky enough to go from free play to $100,000 Royal…. the 1% of the 1%.
    It just doesn’t happen…

    • Tony H

      Might I add I’m glad I accidentally“ found you. I see you mostly playing bonus poker, is there a reason why you stay away from double or triple bonus especially with four aces n the kicker payout in triple double?

    • Tony H

      I’m not doubting it happened, I’m just saying it’s so rare, let alone at that level. Great story!

    • Slotmassacre

      I know but I faced time him for the second and third royal 👑 crazy

  30. Wynn Wynn Video Poker

    So does John have a Youtube channel as he would be worth watching too. I would add him to you Andrew and Jeremy. I like the way John rolls. Pala is my home casino, wife and I have hit well over 20 Royals there over the years. One trip I hit for 6K dollars went to quarters and hit small Royal and went back 4 weeks later hit another. Full pay tables on all dollar and above most with progressives.

  31. b_rad926

    Thanks for sharing. Part skill of knowing what machines to play and what cards to hold based on Bonus Poker. But also lots of luck and having that RNG on your side and hitting that deal button at the right time. Im just not one of those lucky ones haha.

  32. Kendall Kidd

    You go for too many inside straights

  33. Cheryl Houghton

    I was hoping it was you! Great win for John!

    • Cheryl Houghton

      @Slotmassacre I know you are. Thats what makes you such a great guy and great channel to watch!

    • Slotmassacre

      Im totally happy for him. Ill get mine eventually 🙂

  34. Juanny Rum

    Nice BIG win — hopefully closer to be back to even

  35. AMAYA Explorer

    This is huge win congrats friends

  36. b_rad926

    Also whats going on with the zoomed in camera view lately?

    • Slotmassacre

      A few more videos and no more like this

  37. holy moly

    would be nice if you put the name of the game you are playing

  38. Nick S

    Thats pretty incredible!! Congrats to john!

  39. Handpay Tony

    Amazing win video poker here I come

  40. Beverly Luana Gomes

    That’s an awesome story. Congrats John!

  41. Alan Yeun

    What happened to doing YTD session stats at the end of your vids?

    • Alan Yeun

      @Slotmassacre ahh got it. Love the vids keep them coming! Kudos!

    • Slotmassacre

      It’s because all these Vegas videos are part of one session. About 7 videos ago was the prior session which I lost a lot and you can see the YTD

  42. c ditzler

    does your intro got some archer in it

  43. Keith

    key takeaway….John said never happened in his life. It surely helps to cover some of the long term losses 🙂

    • Slotmassacre

      Correct Not the $100k but he’s gone on a few multiple royal days ok Freeplay to a $20k hot. No need to believer but He’s a net winner on VP the last several years before this.

  44. PooBah

    If the only game above 98% at my local is JB and double double is 97% along with dueces wild and horrible 6/5 BP, should I just stick to the JB 98% 9/5

  45. The800Dragon

    Man, I have no words. Other than as you said, who does that?

  46. Not too Degenerate

    Is John a vlogger? Because you are posting his story—apparently not. Who makes up Team Slotmassacre? Based upon the picture, I can name Bigkat, Doc, John (because you pointed him out); who else, and are they vloggers?

    • Slotmassacre

      A couple more guys that dont post on YouTube. VP players can be shy and many are quite successful people and just keep to themselves.

  47. R G Slot Wins

    When you are hot your hot congrats john

  48. janis talcott

    Wow! $100k! Right place — right time….Congratulations John.

  49. Roger Smith

    Even with perfect play outcomes like what you guys get are very rare, John even says, “FIRST time in my life.” It will probably never happen for him again. It is chance that he found these particular machines and happened to push the button to stop the random number generator at the exact moment to pull out the hand he needed. It may be more “skill” and favorable math than other gaming options, but don’t believe for a second that a great deal of chance isn’t involved. Ask yourself why it hasn’t happened for you, and why it may never happen for you. Chance hits don’t make you an expert at any game.
    I’ve turned a free $2,500 free play on video poker into a $190,000 win in the same night on a live craps game, but all that means is that I was at the right place at the right moment and knew how to bet a favorable outcome. That’s only one of a few good outcomes. I assure you that over 30 plus years there are far more losing sessions than winners. That’s not skill…
    Gambling, overall, is about trying to enjoy those brief wins and live with and sustain tremendous losses.

  50. Brian Lee

    That amazing…was he in a big royal drought before this?

    • john appel

      When it does, we’ll let you know.😊🍎

  51. Adam I

    Most of us dont know a lot of people in our normal lives who share an interest in video poker advantage play. Most people I bring it up to think Im just some crazy degenerate who is throwing all my money away. Grinding out small profits with freeplay, cashback and promotions is a sweet deal, especially when you tack on the free rooms, entertainment, food, and drinks.

  52. Abdul Challenger

    Often times you will get four cards to a Royal or three cards to a Royal and you will never get the fifth card. And then later down the road you will be dealt a flush with four cards to a Royal and sure enough this is when you will get the Royal flush. I have been playing vp online from January 2016 and I have won about 20 or more Royal flush. A few times I have gotten it on the draw when I decided not to hold a low pair.

  53. Michael Swing

    Awesome story! I’m a Triple Double guy cause that’s what my local has. Hit many jackpots in St Charles, MO

  54. Chuck Haffner

    For you to be that impressed says something, you’re pretty good yourself at the game. Enjoy your videos. Thanks!

  55. Oheeeoh

    Pretty cool story. I like that you tell a story like youre talking to a buddy. John the LEGEND!

  56. LaVaun Johns

    Reading some of the comments I noticed people with good intentions saying not to chase it, etc. Years ago I realized I could easily spend way too much money so I developed a strategy that works pretty well for me. Whenever I win a hand pay I take out what Ive spent then split the remaining win. Half is banked and the other half is my play money. Now when I say play money I dont just use it to gamble. I use it to help the kids out, charities and such, or I buy that certain something I might want or I want for someone else thats outside my normal budget. After several streaks, my play money has built up pretty good over the years and that is all I play with. When its healthy I play higher denoms and I play more often. If it starts to dwindle I play more conservatively and I play less often. I have not played with my own money in several years.

    • john appel

      That’s a sound financial plan for gambling!🙌🏻🙌🏻🍎

    • John Carlson

      Hi LaVaun. Yes, discipline is key. For decades, Ive budgeted my casino money out every month. I consider it disposable entertainment money. Therefore, when I lose, its no big deal. However, when I win, those winnings are getting stacked onto next months stake…Nice! Its pretty damn exciting, when, from time to time, you come home from your vacation with more money then when you left!! My ex girlfriend, who wasnt a gambler was totally fine with my gambling as she not only knew I was good at exerting self-control, she LOVED the fact that when I won, Id always, without fail, take her on a shopping spree on my dime. The times shed buy lingerie were particularly enjoyable…Smiles!

  57. John Carlson

    Hey Andrew, I heard you say, Team Slot Massacre and thought itd be really cool (if you havent though of it already) if you made a Team Slot Massacre T-Shirt. Id like to buy one if you made them available.

  58. Cotezworth Video Poker

    Great video man!

  59. Lucky Pete

    im so happy to see that someone got to live the dream for the day and to show that it is possible. 🙂 thank you

    • Lucky Pete

      @Slotmassacre wait I must have missed where you said it was 3 hours….what the heck hahaha

    • Slotmassacre

      Absolutely insane! I’m not sure anyone else did what he did in 3 hours

  60. Hector Rosario

    I hit my first Royal flush last week….it was amazing. love the channel keep up the good work.

  61. Lisa Marando

    Wowza! Congratulations 👏

  62. Luke Reyes

    Johns IMMACULATE RUN — INSPIRING!!! Proves it can happen 👍

  63. LottoGOD83 H

    You the best video poker person ever seen

  64. Vegas Player88

    Harrahs 7/5 BP so bad until you suck a few Royals out.

    • Slotmassacre

      Yeah they really killed the pay tables there

  65. Dr Zeus

    Is it a different playing strategy playing jacks or better vs bonus poker? Thank you in advance…

    • Dr Zeus

      Thank you again slotmassacre. If you drive thru pahrump, nv stop by saddle west casino, they have some loose 9 6 games that you may like. I hit more then a few times but much smaller stakes then you…

    • Slotmassacre

      The strategy between both games is the most similar you can between two games but it does have some differences.

  66. LaVaun Johns

    Congratulations to John! Great win.

  67. Dr Zeus

    Wow! That is just crazy! Good stuff John!

  68. Jackie L Noble

    Thank you for sharing the day.

  69. Joel Mcgrath

    Omg starts out with a hundred dollars free play hits $2,000 grand then hits $8,000 thousand dollars then hits $100,000 hundred thousand dollars wow awesome love this storys dam

    • Dkaio

      Think it was $15 free play and made $100 then hit 2k then 8k then 100. So turned $15 of casino money into 100+ k of his own.

    • Slotmassacre

      It’s probably happened before but this is verified first person:)

  70. belly flop

    There is a lesson to be learned here.being lucky in video poker will always trump the right play.every royal Ive ever had has always except once come from holding 1 or 2 of the 5 cards.hence.I see you hold all the time multiple face cards of different suits.I guarantee you have missed out on quite a few doing that.the times Ive been dealt 4 of the 5 cards Ive never gotten it.when its your time to have something you will have it.

  71. Poker Joker

    Hey! You should gamble at the Casinos on the Mississippi Gulf Coast! The Island View in Gulfport and The Silver Slipper in Waveland are my go to places!

    • Slotmassacre

      Gulf coast is on the radar but probably 2022

  72. Ida Bucks

    Congrats to your friend!! Youre next!!

  73. ragingbullwinkle Rocky

    Between VP, 3 card poker, and high card flush, I took 300.00 in a day to 6800.00 And I thought I was on fire like Richer Pryor. LOL This is AWESOME! Hey Big Cat I see you :+)

  74. A dentone


  75. Dustin Willis

    Bro , I’d buy me a brand new Tundra TRD 4×4!

    • john appel

      Tundras are incredible vehicles. Work hard and go get yours. You deserve it!🙌🏻🙌🏻🍎

    • Slotmassacre

      Crazy it won’t even get me a new Raptor!

  76. Patrick Kyker

    Dont chase a royal. Just play proper strategy and it will come.

    • Al Tepes

      Yeah, Ive hit about five royals in the two or so years Ive been playing, and you just have to let the odds play themselves out. The best environment to see a royal happen is one where optimal strategy is being played for whatever game youre on. (This isnt directed specifically at SM, just my general take on things; I read the disclaimer lol.)

  77. susan4am

    Congrats John! I really miss Pala! I ALWAYS won there. 🤩

  78. Jackie L Noble

    It was definitey Johns DAY!!! YEAH!!!

  79. John Carlson

    Epic! Truly Epic! Its unreal how when playing VP, one can have an agonizing dry spell, then Bam!, suddenly youre killing it. Thats what makes VP so exciting…being ready…grinding it out with correct, budgeted play until the next streak comes and you hit the Royal or string of high payout Quads. The comparative benefits of VP to other casino games is undeniably compelling, IMO: (1.) You want a low house edge…through ALL coin in ranges of $.05 to $500.00? GOT IT. (2.) You want the choice of a variety of VP games with various ranges of volatility? GOT IT. (3.) You want the intellectually stimulating benefit of playing interactively to optimize outcome through learning correct strategy? GOT IT. (4.) You want to be able to control the speed of play (from slow to rapid-fire), depending on your mood and/or bankroll? GOT IT. Lets face it folks, VP just plain rocks.

    • john appel

      @John Carlson My older brother was a big time Craps enthusiast. I don’t play Blackjack for the simple reason that when the going is good and you up your bets they want to cut you off, whereas in Video Poker, you can massacre them when the going is good by betting big. Craps is a game I’d love to learn due to the fun and excitement level of it, but I have very specific goals in video poker that keep me glued to it for now. Plus, I have NEVER been bored playing video poker. The probability math behind JOB, BP, BPD, DB, DDB, & TDB is so entertaining and predictable. It’s the greatest game ever invented!😁🍎

    • John Carlson

      @john appel Thanks John! Yeah, its exciting to see more VP content producers as I like to see others enjoying this great game. My other go-to games are Black Jack and Craps…do you play these games, or pretty much stick to VP?

    • john appel

      Absolutely! And nothing encapsulates it better than everything that you’ve just stated. As far as I’m concerned, you’re on Team Slotmassacre!🙌🏻🙌🏻🍎

  80. e3754

    Its those days, you just know some shit and hit some shit!!! Nice run john!

  81. David W

    WOW! THE Dream run!! Thank you John and Andrew for sharing this video with all of us!! what an amazing run! and what a brutal bonus poker machine! thanks for sharing that straight play… it makes it more exciting and realistic. you get em next time! good luck!

  82. Mark Challed

    Thanks for sharing the story about a player that knows how to parlay. Love the channel keep up the great work.

  83. Patrick Kyker

    Only gamble big when you are ahead.

    • john appel

      Sound thinking!🙌🏻🙌🏻🍎

  84. Allison Davis

    So awesome John! What a run! You’re next Slotmassacre!

  85. Timspeed

    I think you’re mistaking “perfect play” with “luck”…playing 7/5 BP is quite a negative expectation game.

    • john appel

      Sometimes 7/5 Bonus Poker is the best offering that a given casino may have, and if you’re there, you got no choice (unless you’re in Vegas). I’ve won close to $100,000 off of 7/5 & 6/5 machines when that’s all that’s available, but it’s much much harder and not the right way to go. Since I only play high stakes now, you’ll ONLY find me on 8/5 machines nowadays.🍎

    • Slotmassacre

      There’s more to it than a mid tier pay table young Padawan.

  86. Linda Erdey

    John may have skill! You must have skill and he does! You also must have LUCK! John must be a great guy! Awesome!

  87. Shelly Gaind

    🎉 thanks your full team 🙏 guys 👍

  88. Ron Cox

    Playing 7/5 bonus poker without a progressive jackpot is not optimal strategy. Hitting 3 royals in one day was extremely lucky… nothing more

    • john appel

      When 7/5 is all you’ve got (in a particular casino) you do what you gotta do. When you win, then you go to another casino that has 8/5 at high denomination. I’ve even won $20,000 Royals on 6/5 pay tables. Less than optimal does not mean that it isn’t profitable.😊🍎

    • Slotmassacre

      That’s an oversimplification. You think if it were 10/7 DB that somehow makes it not lucky? For example: Simply being on the right size loss rebate would make the game playable all by itself.

  89. Lucky Scratchers & Slots

    Who does that? Some one who is very luck and has put in close to a million bucks coin in in his playing career

  90. Off-Duty Beauty

    Omg I can’t even win 5$ at Pala!! That’s fantastic!

  91. Michael James

    Im curious over how many hands (roughly) did he hit 3 royals? Amazing

    • Michael James

      @john appel Wow! Congrats! Appreciate the reply

    • J H

      @john appel incredible, the odds of this happening are through the roof. Crazy luck!

    • john appel

      I track them….it was approximately 1,800 spins for all 3 Royal Flushes.🍎

  92. rashrick1

    lucky man, picked the right machines at the right time, being a good or perfect video poker player has nothing to do with hitting multi royal flushes..!! you could be the best player with the biggest bankroll, and yet, you wont be able to hit a single royal flush, sometimes, you spend a royal flushs worth , and cant even hit a four of kind..!! trust me , after more than40 years of playing video poker and 2 to 3 thousand royal flushes , still lost more than $1.000.000 playing mostly 5 cents and 25 cents , i know what i am talking about.

    • Abdul Challenger

      It’s not impossible. Twice I have won four Royal flushes in one weekend and I was playing $10. a hand so I had over $32,000.00 pending withdrawal but sure enough not all of that made it back to my bank account. And then there is the two years gone when I went 22 months without hitting not even one Royal and I tried on every variation of the game and on multiple casinos. By the way, I only play online.

    • PokerGuy1983

      @rashrick1 my biggest and only regret in life is playing video poker. My first trip to the casino I put in $200 and play just for fun on double double bonus poker and got 4 Aces plus the kicker resulting $10k jackpot since I was playing $25 a spin. That first jackpot got me hooked ever since. Wish I lost that $200, then I wouldnt have lost my life savings of $1 million in 3 years of gambling. Last Friday was my final day, took out a $10k from credit card and lost it all without a single handpay. I still remember my worst day was last labor day, I lost $100k that day, played for 12 hours straight. I feelnsick to my stomach still knowing I lost everything I worked so hard for.

    • PokerGuy1983

      @x zol I dont even want to think about video poker anymore. In the 3 years of playing Ive lost approx. $1 million which was my life savings. I never want to gamble again. Last Friday was my last and final day. Never again.

    • rashrick1

      @x zol numbers, odds and possibilities in gambling are selling tools to bring in more players by the casinos, actual play is something else ..!! I ve been living in Las Vegas since 1979, and yes, I play almost daily for hours, and sometimes for days non-stop, being degenerate gambler is no joke , but Ill keep doing it as long as I enjoy it and afford it.

    • rashrick1

      @x zol why would I lie ??!! I think I might had more in 40 years of playing video poker, between 2013 — 2017 I took 327 pictures of almost every royal flush or any hand paid jackpots of $1000 or more, Ive had as many as 7 royals in one day, many times two or three at the same machine at the same day, I got the pictures to proof it, but thats not the issue here..!! being good or even perfect video poker player does not mean hitting a royal or even winning is guaranteed..!! Ive had days where I spent hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars playing 25 cents poker machines without even hitting a four of a kind.

  93. Chris Grant

    What a awesome day for your friend.
    Ty for the great story and for your videos.
    Watching you play really helps me be a little better player.have a great day.cg

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